What does it mean if I bite down hard and have a sharp pain?

Tooth pain often has a domino effect. It can immediately become difficult (or impossible to eat), which can lead to a loss of focus at work or school. Toothaches also have a tendency to make it difficult for patients to sleep at night, particularly if the pain is severe or lingers long after he or she first experienced it.

For a lot of patients, tooth pain rears its ugly head when they try to chew food. If you’re feeling a sharp pain when you bite down, you’ll want to see the best dentist Montreal residents trust with their toothaches so the team at Retter Dental Care can evaluate your unique situation.

Here are some things that could be causing your mouth pain:

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay (also called cavities) happens when the outside part of a person’s tooth (the enamel) develops tiny holes as a result of sugar and bacteria eating away at the outer layers. Eventually, these holes can grow bigger and effect even deeper layers of the tooth, which ultimately will usually lead to sensitivity when eating or drinking.

A Loose Filling

The purpose of dental fillings is to protect the sensitive inner parts of the tooth from being exposed. The inside of teeth have a lot of nerves, which is why it’s important to take care of cavities as soon as possible to prevent those nerves from becoming exposed to food and drinks.

With that said, if an existing filling becomes loose, it’s no longer doing its job effectively, meaning it’s not protecing those sensitive layers that are beneath the surface. See your dentist right away if you suspect this might be the case. She’ll evaluate your situation and apply a replacement filling or other restorative process, depending on the circumstances.

A Cracked Tooth

Similar to the way fillings protect the inner layer of teeth that experience decay, the enamel of healthy teeth acts as a solid barrier that keeps the innermost pulp and dentin protected. When a tooth is cracked, the inside elements are suddenly exposed without warning, often causing patients to experience severe pain out of the blue. People who have cracked teeth often experience intermittent pain, which may come and go at various times throughout the day, most often when they’re biting down.

Your dentist will assess the severity of the damage to determine the best way to mend your cracked tooth.


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