Tricks to Battling Treats this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and let’s face it, your kids will get their hands on candy; and lots of it. And while this creepy, ghoulish holiday is meant to be scary, trust us, there is nothing scarier to a dentist than Halloween! This is the time of year when parents should be on high alert for both their child’s sugar intake and dental health. Here are just a few tricks you can use to double your efforts and keep those smiles bright.

Everything in moderation:

Try not to give your child unfettered access to their sweets. Take their Halloween haul and divide it up into separate baggies, doling it out over the days and weeks to reduce the amount of sugar built up between brushing. Keep an eye on sneaking candies before bedtime as sugar will do damage sitting on their teeth overnight.

Mix it up:

Alternating healthy snacks like apples or sugar-free gum between sugary treats will boost regular brushing and help to keep the mouth clean throughout the day.

Upgrade the brush:

Consider an electric toothbrush for older kids who tend to get a bit lazy with their brushing and flossing routine. These types of brushes tend to get hard-to-reach spots and provide a deeper clean than a manual brush.


Worst candies for teeth – anything sticky or chewy that could get stuck within the crevices of the teeth, as well as sour candies which break down enamel with their acidic content.

Best candies for teeth – anything sugar-free or sweetened with Xylitol (an all-natural sweetener).