PRF: Unleash the power of your own body’s healing potential

Retter Dental Care is proud to have added PRF, a groundbreaking treatment to our surgical procedures. Our bodies heal all the time. Inflammation, injuries and surgeries are just a few examples of when our bodies kick into high gear and activate the various departments of our immune system to fight infection, generate new tissues and get our body back to its original function. This however, takes time. A routine dental extraction will take a month before the gums completely grow over and cover the bone socket. Imagine if we could tell our bodies, “hurry up” and also be more efficient.

PRF which stands for “Platelets Rich in Fibrin” is exactly that. The answer is already in our bodies. By collecting a small amount of our own blood (the same as a routine blood test), we can harvest all the cells, proteins, growth factors and hormones that your body needs to heal. we then place it exactly where it’s needed. In the surgical wound.

This isn’t science fiction, it’s real science and it’s used throughout medicine. Sports medicine uses it on injured professional athletes to get them back in the game quicker. It’s used in cases of burn victims and severe diabetic patients with non-healing ulcers. It is even injected into wrinkles to help fill them.

In the field of dentistry it has shown to heal surgeries such as extractions, implants and grafts QUICKER AND MORE EFFICIENTLY. PRF is considered tissue engeneering, it’s an emerging field of medicine and its treatment indications are expanding quickly. A dental extraction will heal in half the time with less pain, less swelling and less chance of infections and/or other complications. Consider it an all organic “healing insurance”.