New Ways to Treat Dental Infections

Dental infections can arise for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they naturally occur, even in patients who take good care of their oral health. In other cases, poor oral health may be the culprit. People who have certain medical conditions or devices in their mouths (such as dental implants) may be more susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria, which can ultimately cause infections, gum disease, and other issues.

Shocking Cells in Implant Patients

Some patients with titanium dental implants may experience infections from time to time. This is because titanium, although great for implants because of its low density and resistance to corrosion, also tends to common breeding ground for microbes to accumulate.

Recent treatment, introduced by the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Enginnering, suggests that electrochemical therapy (ECT) can be effective in the antibiotic treatment of oral infections, which might have otherwise failed because microbes are becoming drug resistent.

The process works like this: electronic currents are sent through the microbes’ cell membranes. This, in turn, weakens the microbes, enabling anitbiotics to permeate the cells that might have otherwise been too strong for the medication to take effect.

Draining Abscesses

Okay, this might not necessarily be a new idea, per se, but the ways in which dentists can drain abscesses with today’s technology and tools are far better than they were a generation ago. If your infection has caused an abscess (pockets of pus that form in different parts of the tooth or gum tissue), your dentist may make a small cut into the abscess to drain out the liquid. This allows the pressure, swelling, and pain to diminish.

Tooth Extraction

If your infection has gone beyond the point of repair, your dentist might need to remove your tooth completely. This is usually a last-resort option and one that your dentist will talk through with you thoroughly before proceeding. Fortunately, with today’s dental implant options, you can have a tooth or few removed and still enjoy a stunning smile that’s completed with beautiful teeth.

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