Missing Teeth Can Make Your Face Age Faster

Are you missing teeth? You might feel self-conscious about your smile, if so. The loss of teeth can really cause self-esteem issues, but are you aware that missing teeth can also age your face faster?

What Causes Tooth Loss & How Does It Relate to Appearance?

Sometimes, tooth loss can happen from a traumatic incident, such as a car accident or sports injury. Often, it occurs when the patient’s gum line becomes to weak and diseased to hold the tooth in place any longer. In either case, significant bone loss starts to occur in the area where the missing tooth once was immediately; a difference in bone structure can usually be seen within the first year after a tooth goes missing.

This is how tooth loss affects the aging process. It’s a little bit of a domino effect. You lose a tooth, then your bone density begins to change and weaken. This, in turn, causes the skin to sag and you might even notice your cheeks and eyes look sunken in. Of course, the changes happen gradually, and since you’re looking in the mirror every day, you might not notice them, but as the cosmetic dentist Montreal patients come to for dental implants, we can tell you that a single lost tooth can age you as much as ten years if you don’t take care of the situation as soon as possible.

How Dental Implants Can Help

Dental implants are attached directly to the jawbone, effectively acting like natural teeth. As a result of the process, they can actually stimulate the bone, similar to the way natural teeth keep the bone structure strong and healthy. This means your overall appearance can stave off the negative effects of aging, which could otherwise occur if your teeth, bones, and gums are unhealthy. Your skin will stay firmer than it would, had that tooth not been replaced, and your facial features will continue to look and feel like they’re supposed to without a premature aging process being involved.

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