Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Go from 1.5x magnification to 30x magnification and see the difference!




We always strive to offer the latest in modern dental science. The dental microscope is another paradigm shift that has changed our ability to diagnose and treat patients with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Magnification in dentistry has typically been in the 1.5x to 5.5x range. This is achieved through the conventional dental loupes that most are used to seeing their dentist wear. The invention of dental loupes in the 1970’s showed us pathology and treatment outcomes much closer than ever before. There is no doubt that quality of treatment changed for the better. Dental loupes are the standard of care and taught in all dental schools. As dentistry’s strife for excellence continued to evolve, the stereoscopic dental operatory microscope was born around the year 2000. And the field of microdentistry has continued to expand ever since.

The magnification of a microscope can increase our visual acuity  to the 20x-30x range. This actually allows for a 400x to 900x improvement of the image we see (i.e. the tooth we are working on). This is an enormous difference apparent to everyone who looks through the microscope. Not only does the tooth being worked on appear closer, but the quality of the image is also a lot clearer. It means more refined dental work and better treatment outcomes.