How to Keep Teeth Straight After Braces

Whether you’ve had your teeth straightened with Invisalign or traditional braces, taking steps to ensure they stay in place after treatment is vital. Teeth may naturally shift, so it’s important to talk to your dentist at your Westmount dental clinic about solutions that will meet your specific needs and preserve your beautiful new smile.

Wear Your Retainer

The easiest thing you can do to keep your teeth straight after orthodontic treatment is to wear your retainer as often as possible. There are several different types of retainers. A fixed retainer utilises a wire that is cemented behind the teeth, which makes keeping teeth straight a no-brainer. Other types of retainers include removable wire/acrylic retainers and clear retainers that fit snugly over the teeth, much like Invisalign.

After your braces are removed, you should wear your retainers consistently to prevent teeth from shifting. Take them out before eating and make sure to clean them properly each day. Eventually, your dentist at your Westmount dental clinic may recommend that you only wear your retainer at night, but it is essential to follow instructions precisely to ensure your teeth stay in position. Failing to wear your retainer for even a few weeks can allow teeth to shift, which means it won’t fit properly and you may have to incur the expense and hassle of getting a new one made.

Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Shifting

Pay attention to your teeth—if it feels like they are shifting or you’re having a problem with your teeth or gums, make an appointment at your Westmount dental clinic right away. It is rare, but some people’s wisdom teeth erupt later in life, which can cause teeth to shift. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you lose a tooth the adjacent teeth will most likely begin to shift.

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

If you play sports, always wear a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth. Practicing a good oral hygiene routine is also vital. Periodontal disease can cause gum recession and lead to loose or shifting teeth. Make sure to brush and rinse twice a day and floss daily to keep your mouth in good shape.

Orthodontic treatment is a solid investment that can help you enhance your smile and your oral health, so stay vigilant about keeping your teeth in place even if you’re done with braces. To learn more about how to care for your teeth after braces, contact your Westmount dental clinic.