How Protect Protruding Teeth from Long-Term Damage

People, particularly children, who have teeth that protrude more than 5mm have an increased risk of trauma to their mouths. While orthodontia and braces might be an option after age 12, children younger than 12 also have options that can protect protruding teeth.

The following are some preventative and protective measures you might consider if your teeth, or those of your child, have a bit of a protrusion:

1. Discourage Thumb Sucking as Early as Possible

Thumb sucking can actually be a culprit that causes teeth to stick out. If your child does this, try to discourage the behavior as early as possible. When your child sucks their thumb, they’re automatically forcing their front teeth forward. The longer this habit goes on, the more likely it is to affect a child’s permanent teeth, bite, and smile.

2. Use a Fitted Brace

A fitted brace is different from braces, which generally aren’t put on a child’s teeth until they’re almost in their teenage years at the earliest. A simple brace can be applied to children’s teeth to significantly reduce the chances of them being harmed or damaged.

3. Wear a Fitted Mouth Guard During Sporting Activities

Mouth guards should always be worn during sporting activities, but they’re particularly important for kids who have protruding teeth because those teeth are suscpetible to damage that can last a lifetime.

4. See Your Dentist Regularly

One of the best ways to prevent protruding teeth from incurring long-term damage is to see your dentist regularly (at least twice a year unless he or she recommends visits more often). There are many health benefits you can achieve from regular cleanings, but when you have protruding teeth, your dentist will be careful to pay attention to certain issues. For example, chipped or broken teeth that aren’t cared for properly could ultimately require root canals or a lifetime of general dental attention above and beyond standard cleanings.

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