Here’s What You Can Do to Help Dental Retainers and Aligners Fight Off Bacteria

In the world of oral health and good hygiene habits, retainers tend to have a bad reputation for imparting bacteria onto their surfaces, which, in turn, can ultimately cause bad breath and even tooth decay if it’s not taken care of properly. As the dentist Montreal patients trust with their oral health, Dr. Retter and our team have come up with a few ways you can help retainers and aligners fight off bacteria.

1. Brush It

Just like your teeth, retainers and aligners should be brushed with toothpaste at least twice a day—in the morning when you first wake up and at night just before you go to bed. If you wear it while you’re eating, always remove the appliance and brush it after you’re finished with your meals, too. (Pro tip: this is a good time to brush your teeth, as well!)

It’s really best to remove your aligner or retainer before you eat so you don’t expose it to unnecessary debris.

2. Always Clean It As Soon as You Remove It from Your Mouth

It’s important to clean your retainer or aligner as soon as you remove it from your mouth (while it’s still wet). This will make it as easy as possible to remove any debris that might be stuck to it.

3. Do a Deeper Clean

Once every few days, mix mild dish detergent with lukewarm water and apply it to your retainer or aligner using a soft toothbrush or denture brush. There are also several deep-cleaning formulas available in stores and online, but it’s best to talk to your dentist first to make sure you purchase a quality product that’s worth its money and does what it promises to do.

4. Employ the Use of a Cotton Swab

Use a clean cotton swab to get into the parts of your device that might be hard for a toothbrush to reach. Together, these two tools should be able to get all the debris and bacteria out of your aligner or retainer.

Think of your cotton swabs as a form of flossing; when you floss your teeth, you’re getting into those inner-most spaces that need a little extra attention. In effect, this is exactly what a cotton swab is doing to help ensure your retainer or aligner is as clean and bacteria-free as possible.

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