Can Poorly Aligned Implants Be Fixed?

Dental implants are a fantastic option for people who are missing one, several, or all of their teeth. Unfortunately, however, not all dentists are great at performing dental implant surgery, and patients who find themselves in the wrong dentist’s chair can wind up with poorly aligned dental implants. Fortunately, there is hope, and problematic dental implants can be fixed.

What happens if a dental implant is poorly aligned?

People who need dental implants are usually missing teeth or might have teeth that are very loose and need to be pulled and replaced with a more permanent solution. These situations can lead to difficulty eating and speaking. Ideally, dental implants solve these problems, but if they’re poorly aligned, patients often end up with more problems than they started out with, including:

  • A less-than-optimal smile
  • Clicking when you chew or speak
  • Tooth sensitivity caused by teeth rubbing against each other in an unnatural way
  • Wearing or damage of teeth due to an unnatural bite
  • Chipping or loosening of teeth
  • Headaches resulting from a misaligned bite

Can dental implants be realigned?

The good news is that implants can absolutely be revised so they’re properly aligned and no longer present the aforementioned issues. This process will require a revision implant surgery so your dentist can readjust the implants in a way that ensures they’re straight and spaced properly in your mouth.

Why would you need to have your dental implants realigned?

Your dental implants are there for both health and aesthetic purposes. If the implants are poorly aligned, your smile won’t be at its best. Beyond that, a faulty alignment can lead to forces that prevent the bone from successfully growing around it. This can cause pain or discomfort that can lead to difficulty eating or speaking.

Your surrounding teeth may also be affected by a poorly aligned implant, given the space within your mouth is limited. You might experience tissue damage or inflammation around the implant if the alignment isn’t corrected.

Fortunately, a great dentist can help you reclaim your smile and love your dental implants again. It’s important not to wait any longer because the longer you wait, the more negative effects can occur.

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