Can Allergies Cause Toothaches

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If so, you’re probably well-aware of the awkward discomfort you can feel when pollen, dust, or other allergens are floating in the air. But, can these invasive molecules cause you to have tooth aches, too?

Technically, allergies don’t cause tooth pain, but that’s not to say they don’t have their hand in your misery if you’re susceptible to the elements that creep into the air.


Allergies often affect the nasal and sinus passages, which are located directly above the mouth. When they become filled with mucus or inflamed with things that cause disruption to the walls of the sinus cavities, the pressure builds up and can begin pushing down onto the roots of the teeth beneath them. In particular, your upper molars are likely to feel the brunt of bad allergies the worst.

Since the pain isn’t actually caused from your oral cavity itself, you might notice a bit of relief (or more pain) depending on which position your sitting, standing, or laying in. If your left nasal cavity is more irritated and inflamed, for example, you might experience more tooth pain on your left side if you tend to sleep on that side.

As the dentist Montreal residents come to when they feel any sort of oral pain or discomfort, Dre Nathalie Kadoch has a few pointers to help you with allergy-induced tooth pain:

1. Stay Hydrated. Dry nasal passages can exasperate the situation because your sinuses need mucus to do their jobs correctly. Mucus is a naturally occuring, moist ingredient made by your body that helps trap toxins and outside elements. Too much mucus will leave you feeling like you have a cold, but too little mucus can cause the lining of your sinuses to become irritated.

By hydrating, your body will be able to produce the mucus it needs and flush away excess mucus that might be making you feel bad.

2. Treat Your Allergies. If your tooth pain is truly caused by allergies, over-the-counter relief or prescription medications can bring your body back into harmony so the pressure that’s being put on your teeth goes away.

3. Talk to Your Dentist. What if your tooth pain is more than just allergies? Your dentist will be able to assess your situation and provide you with the right path toward relief.

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