Dealing with Bad Breath

August 8, 2013

A consistent case of bad breath (also called Halitosis) can be attributed to an array of causes including diet, lifestyle […]

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Q & A: Are Some More Prone to Cavities Than Others?

July 18, 2013

Let’s take a set of siblings who both brush and floss about the same amount; one has never had a […]

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The Elements of Style: Proper Tooth Brushing Technique

June 20, 2013

Since tooth brushing is most often learned in the home at a very young age, it is quite common to […]

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6 Reasons to Replace Your Toothbrush

June 13, 2013

If you’re like many of our patients, chances are you may be hanging on to that well-worn toothbrush just a […]

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How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

June 5, 2013

Grinding your teeth every once in a while as a symptom of temporary stress is a common occurrence, however consistent […]

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How Our Dental Technology Helps Us Help You

May 19, 2013

Here at Retter Dental Care, we stay at the forefront of new techniques and are devoted to advanced training through […]

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